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The enthusiasm today's society has for sporting activities has led to a dramatic rise in sport-related injuries. In addition, an ever-increasing number of so-called "fun" sports are emerging that carry a high risk of injury. Sports medicine is concentrated on the diagnosis and treatment of sport-related injuries and strain damage. We place special focus on helping athletes return to their sporting activities as soon as possible, but the necessary regeneration periods must be complied with. Another equally important job of the sport physician is to show athletes ways of preventing injuries and strain damage. 

We offer a special "Sports Medicine Check-Up" in which the orthopaedic-internal medicine performance capabilities are evaluated for both amateur and competitive athletes. This check-up includes the examination of the musculoskeletal system, i.e. the joints, bones, muscles and so on, as well as an internal medicine examination, an ECG, a cardiac stress test including lactate specifica-tions, a Holter monitor ECG and blood pressure monitoring.