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Therapy of arthrosis

We also provide injection treatment with various preparations as therapy in the treatment of "beginning" joint wear, often referred to as initial osteoarthritis. In addition to the "classic" therapeutic preparations, we also offer homeopathic medications and "hyaluronic acid", a kind of cartilage replacement material. The pain relieving effects last for up to one year. This type of treatment is particularly effective in the initial phases of joint wear-related illnesses and with patients who cannot or do not want to have surgery. Side effects are very rare and the injections (generally once a week for 5 weeks) are virtually painless.


Supplementary therapies such as remedial gymnastics and physiotherapy can also be applied at the same time. The main areas of application are osteoarthritis in the knee, hip and arm joints and for the relief of pain resulting from cartilage wear in the vertebrae.