What is Anti-Aging?


The general process of aging leads to a reduction in the body's hormone level over the years. Along with this diminishing hormone level, the aging process is significantly affected by several other factors:

As one ages, the damaging effects caused by these factors are notably compounded by the accompanying weakening of the body's own protective mechanisms. The objective of anti-aging medicine is to maintain a high quality of living into old age. The primary aim is not extending the lifespan, but rather increasing one's mental and physical fitness in later life. Individual consultation can prevent health risks early on. Illnesses that are caused by chronic strain and a disrupted hormone system can be diagnosed and treated in their early stages.



Do the following signs of aging sound familiar to you?

These symptoms are often the manifestation of an unbalanced diet, a lack of physical activity and insufficient vitamins and/or hormones.


Treatment options

Anti-aging strategies combine lifestyle consultation with a corresponding hormone treatment. Following an extensive examination and the compilation of a comprehensive hormone status report, an all-encompassing treatment plan is put together for you.

The individual treatment plan comprises:

In most cases, noticeable improvement in the patient's general sense of well-being and physical and mental capabilities is evident within three to four weeks.


Active ingredients against aging

The ingestion of ideal quantities of micronutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and antioxidants to combat an excess of free radicals). Hormone replacement of natural human hormones that laboratory examination has shown to be present in levels that are too low. DHEA is the base substance of our sexual hormones and has a positive effect on vitality, the immune system, memory, stress reduction and burning off fat. Melatonin regulates the waking-sleeping cycle, and as we get older melatonin production is reduced and can lead to sleep disruptions. Sexual hormones such as testosterone and estrogen have an overall stimulating effect; joint/muscle pain and depressive moods are decreased, well-being increases and muscle growth and improved brain power emerge. Growth hormones generate muscle build-up, lower body fat, tauter skin and an increase in energy and stamina.