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Operative orthopedia

In- and outpatient operations

In the event that we discover the indication for an operation, such an operation can be conducted on both on an in-patient basis and an out-patient basis. We carry out outpatient operations next to the center of Munich at isarAOP, Sonnenstr. 29, 80331 Munich, Germany.



The operation is preceded by a preoperative internal medical assessment conducted by the patient's GP a few days prior to the operation. The patient can be released to return home on the day of the operation. Postoperative treatment is conducted in cooperation with the patient's GP.


Outpatient arthroscopic surgery


Small interventions with great effect


We conduct such out-patient operations primarily on knee joints, hands and feet. We do arthroscopic surgery on knee joints. This means that only two small incisions are made in the skin through which a camera and medical instruments are inserted into the joint to treat injuries or illnesses such as meniscus tears, ligament injuries and cartilage damages such as osteoarthritis. This operation procedure makes it possible for the patient to be mobile again within only a short time following the operation, reducing the risk of thrombosis and infection